December 10, 2018

European Iron Club: Award Winners

2018 Zürich, Switzerland
Oral Presentation
First Prize: Jessica Bordini (Milan, Italy)
Second Prize: Anne Miles (Cambridge, UK)
Third Prize: John Muriuki (KEMRI, Kenya)

The Crichton Prize: Vania Manolova (Zürich, Switzerland)
2nd Prize: François Canonne-Hergaux (Toulouse, France)
3rd Prize: Acayanne Lira Zidanes (Verona, Italy)

2017 Münster, Germany
Oral presentation
First prize: Joe Frost (Oxford, UK)
2nd prize: Lisa Traeger (Muenster, Germany)
3rd prize: Rosie Rawlinson (London, UK)

2016 Innsbruck, Austria
Oral presentation
First prize: Samira Lakhal-Littleton (University of Oxford, UK)
2nd prize: Marit Stirnberg (University of Bonn, Germany)
3rd prize: Nicole Stoffel (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)

Poster presentation:
First prize: Magdalena Gryzik (University of Brescia, Italy)
2nd: Stefanie Dichtl (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
3rd: Irene Artuso (Milan, Italy)

2014 Verona, Italy
Oral presentation
First prize: Aurelie Gineste, Toulouse, France
2nd prize: Vickie Braithwaite, Cambridge, UK
3rd prize: Guus Kortman, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Poster Presentation:
First prize: Simona Buracco, Turin, Italy
2nd prize: Giuliana Montosi, Modena, Italy
3rd prize: Nissrine Daou, Paris, France

2012 Rennes, France
Oral Presentation
1st Prize: Deborah Chiabrando (Turin, Italy)
2nd Prize: Natasha Spottiswoode (Oxford, UK)
3rd Prize: Claudia Zahn (Berlin, Germany)

Poster Presentation
1st Prize Sonia Mercurio (Turin, Italy)
2nd Prize: David Alsina (Lleida, Spain)
3rd Prize: Monica Costa (Porto, Portugal)

2011 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Oral Presentation
1st Prize: Antonella Nai (Milan, Italy)
Joint 2nd Prize: Shirly Moshe Belisowsky (Haifa, Israel)
Mathilde Doyard (Rennes, France)

Poster Presentation
1st Prize: Giulia Litta Modignani (Milan, Italy)
2nd Prize: Joao Arezes (Porto, Portugal)
3rd Prize: Liliana Marques (Lisbon, Portugal)

2010 Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Oral presentation Maya Shvartsman (Jerusalem, Israel)
Poster presentation Heinz Zoller (Innsbruck, Austria)

2009 No meeting

2008 St Gallen, Switzerland
Poster presentation: Lisa Schimanski (Oxford, UK)

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